Recipe for Excellence at CEDA Conference (Mon 27th Feb 2017)

Linking directly to the CEDA 2017 Conference theme of 'Excellence by Association' , two of the UK’s leading culinary associations, the Craft Guild of Chefs and British Culinary Federation, will have their chairmen Lee Maycock and Matt Davies leading in the kitchen to prepare the CEDA Networking/Cedabond Awards Dinner for the conference on the 30 March.


LeeMaycockLee Maycock      matt chairmanMatt Davies

Talking about the coming together of associations that represent the great chef talent that this country is known for, Adam Mason CEDA director general, says, “We are very proud that the Craft Guild of Chefs and British Culinary Federation have agreed to have their two chairmen show what they can do in the high pressure environment of a busy banqueting kitchen at our conference. It underlines the point that we and other associations who work together for common goals can achieve excellence in what we do as individuals and collectively.

“I know Lee and Matt will be proud to represent their associations in front of so many CEDA members, partners and delegates from a number of other leading associations linked to foodservice and hospitality.”

Commenting on the prospect of helping to prepare the dinner for Thursday at the CEDA Conference, Lee Maycock, says, “The opportunity to cook at the CEDA Conference is great, and the bringing together of two of the leading chef associations is incredible, and has not been done before as far as I am aware. Hopefully, this is the start of something amazing regarding our co-operation, and it’s thanks to the CEDA theme this year acting as a catalyst to make it happen.

Adding his thoughts Matt Davies says, “The British Culinary Federation is both honoured and humbled to be involved in this prestigious dinner. It is a great experience and very exciting to be cooking alongside Lee Maycock and the Craft Guild of Chefs.”

Commenting on the associations working together, Phil Martin, chairman and CEO of Cedabond, says, “Cedabond is looking forward to the Networking Dinner and our Cedabond Awards presentation. Having the dinner prepared and served by the teams from the Craft Guild of Chefs and British Culinary Federation will only enhance our awards dinner.”

To register and for more information on the event go to or call the CEDA office on: 01386 793911.