CEDA Members Report Strong Sales to January (Mon 13th Mar 2017)

The most recent Confidence Survey completed by CEDA Members shows that almost 56% enjoyed stronger sales for the year up to January when compared to the previous year.

“It is good news that many CEDA Members have experienced strong order books during 2016 and into the start of 2017 and this is a reflection of the economic climate and consumers still being willing to spend and dine out despite some uncertainty surrounding global politics and trade, including the surprise outcome of the US Presidential Election in November.

As we move closer to the CEDA Conference at the end of March we have plenty to talk about including some of the great projects that our members delivered in the foodservice sector in 2016 that have made it to the 2017 CEDA Grand Prix Awards, and which positive trends will help our industry to stay in strong position in the years to come,” comments Adam Mason, CEDA Director General.