New CEDA Documents Smooth Project Handovers (Mon 27th Mar 2017)

To help its members in handing over completed design, installation and commissioning projects CEDA has developed a new Project Handover Certificate supported by a Warranty Schedule and Defects/Snagging list.

The initiative will be very useful as Peter Kay, CEDA Technical Support, outlines, “The new documents, adding to the suite of free business and technical documents for members on our website, are important tools in maintaining the quality of service delivery, project management and professionalism that CEDA is known for. The Project Handover Certificate, for example, outlines clearly the following areas so the client feels completely satisfied everything is completed as agreed: schedule of equipment, commissioning is completed to the manufacturer’s standards, relevant test certificates for electrical, gas, water/waste, and ventilation are provided, staff training is delivered as required, defects/snagging are identified and appropriate warranties detailed.

“I am very pleased we can offer these new CEDA documents covering the crucial project handover stage of our members’ services, helping them to maintain their important relationships with end-user clients and the equipment manufacturers.”

The new documents are already in active use by CEDA members and are adding value as John Spiers, managing director of Reigate-based JDS Catering Equipment, explains, “The CEDA documentation enables us to record the progress at all stages of the project, and provide evidence of completion when compiling O&M manuals. It is a well thought out range of documents that can prove invaluable, post contract and I would recommend that other CEDA members take advantage of them.”