Code of Good Practice

The Code of Good Practice is a voluntary code adopted by Members of the Association. It is designed to give confidence and comfort to the Purchaser that the equipment is manufactured or supplied by a reputable company and that the equipment is safe and of good quality.

  1. Product Quality
    Members undertake to provide quality products manufactured to the relevant standards of safety and hygiene.
  2. Warranty
    All goods or parts manufactured or sold by Members carry a guarantee covering a minimum twelve-month period. Terms of the guarantee will be stated in the individual Conditions of Sale to each Member.
  3. Quality Assurance
    Members are encouraged to hold Quality Assurance approval to ISO9001:2000.
  4. Service
    Members undertake to maintain the highest standards of service to their customers and to make available spare parts for a reasonable period after the cessation of production of any product. Maintenance and service arrangements may be offered either direct by a manufacturer, through a dealer or by a service organisation.
  5. Installation and Commissioning
    A competent person must only install catering equipment supplied by Members. Members will only use such competent persons to carry out installation/commissioning for which they are responsible. Members will ensure that their own staff are suitably trained through approved courses and that they themselves are Gas Safe registered if they are to carry out installation/commissioning of gas equipment.
  6. Advice to users
    Members will make available product information through the medium of written instructions, manuals, and sales training and will provide information by telephone/facsimile or by demonstration. Members will provide information relating to sustainability and energy efficiency of equipment, allowing customers to make an informed choice.
  7. Business Integrity
    Members undertake to maintain the highest standards of business integrity when dealing with customers and suppliers.
  8. Complaints
    Members will attempt to resolve a dispute with the customer, but failing agreement may apply to the Association to seek conciliation.